Transformative tools, teacher training useful in classroom

Teacher training

Develop your competencies. Environment for teachers to share practical experiences

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Your classroom management

K12 Learning management, creating learning plans, adaptive learning

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An integral solution to achieve better learning outcomes

Works in any environment

Regardless of the connectivity, it offers the same user experience

Runs on existing local equipment and devices in schools

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Adaptive and flexible

Great flexibility in adapting to the local context and teacher’s profile

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Service and support

Diagnostics, face-to-face training, local resources for deployment and technical support

Works in any environment

Schools without connectivity or equipment

ProFuturo all-in-one 

We provide all of the equipment and software

Schools with connectivity and all the equipment

ProFuturo online

All of the school equipment is used and the software is installed

Schools do not have all of the necessary equipment

ProFuturo combined

We provide only the necessary equipment to complete the solution and software

Adaptive and flexible

Adjustable training itineraries for different teachers

Content created by teachers

Aligning the contents of ProFuturo with the local curriculum

Personalisation of students learning

Enhancing teaching and learning through data analytics

Tools and initiatives to assess both the program results and the impact on the quality and transformation of education, finding out how this improves the community

Implementation of Data Analytics in ProFuturo (Data-driven decisions)

Strategic project with Telefonica CDO (LUCA)* and UPSA **

  • Operational analytics
  • ProFuturo solution, e2e analytics
  • Recommendation engine
  • Talent detection
  • 360º school view
  • Optimizing both the deployment model and budget

* ProFuturo as part of the Big data for Social Good programme in Telefonica
** Universidad Pontificia of Salamanca

Evaluating the impact through Randomized control trials (RCT)

Clarifying whether a cause-effect relationship exists between using our solution and making impact on education.

Our educational proposal is cutting-edge (state of the art)

Contents and innovative learning methods are interconnected as key parts of the whole solution

The teacher as the principal learning activator

The school is an agent through which to promote inclusive learning in order to face the challenges of the 21st century

Teacher training is generated from shared experiences among equals

Our teaching-learning model has a competence based framework

The methodology as a key factor to the teaching-learning process

The offer is complementary to the country´s education systems