Frequent Questions

How do I access student content?

You can access our content through the "ProFuturo Contents" section located in the menu at the top of your screen. In addition to this link, in our home you will find a general access link at the top of the page and another segmented by age below.

Once you click on any of these links, you will be able to view our contents, since they do not require any registration..

How much content will you have access to with ProFuturo?

You will have access to 572 learning units, totaling approximately 1,600 hours of training. These units are divided into four languages: Spanish (144 units), English (142 units), French (142 units) and Portuguese (144 units).

What subjects does the ProFuturo content cover?

The ProFuturo contents for students include the following topics:

Science: Travel through the Solar System, the human body, the life of plants or the composition of food. Discover all our science content, included within the categories of Life Science, Earth and Space Sciences, Physics and Chemistry and Social Science.

Linguistics: Review how to make an argumentative text, literary genres and word accentuation. Get trained in the areas of Literacy, Semantics, Communication, Spelling and Grammar, Literature, Written Communication and Oral Communication.

Technology: Immerse yourself in our content on Technology, Digital Competences, Computational Thinking and Introduction to Programming.

Mathematics:: Delve into the world of Arithmetic, Algebra or Geometry.

Citizenship:Learn what citizenship is, coexistence at school and the elements of a city.

Ways of thinking:Discover how to learn to learn and acquire transversal knowledge within the areas of Collaboration, Social & Cultural Empathy, Study Tools, Critical Thinking, Creativity & Communication and Problem Solving.

Principles for a healthy life: Learn about healthy eating habits and caring for nature.

What is considered a unit of learning?

The didactic unit is a set of digital content and activities on a specific topic and with associated learning goals.

I want to make content that does not belong to my age range, what do I do?

The age ranges are an indicative classification. Check the unit description to see if the unit covers the topics you want to study, if so, go ahead!

I am an adult who is managing the use of this platform by a student and I have a question that has not been resolved in this section. How can I contact ProFuturo?

If you are of legal age and want to contact us, you can do so by sending an email to the following address:

If you are a student and you are a underage, ask an adult to send us your query through the same email address.